UTMB update…

Sketch tri chick

Utmb is coming fast.  I cannot believe how time flies.  I spent so much time thinking about how I am going to afford a plane ticket and where I am to stay, that I fear I have not put in enough miles.  Really, not just miles but how do I train for the hills and carry so much stuff?!  I have realized that I cannot worry anymore about such things.  I have to trust myself and move forward.  Everything will work out.

This past week I think I am finally running smooth.  After LBL 50 miler I had a shin splint which I had to rest, ice, and just take care of.  It hurt to run.  I think I got it by running 50 miles without really working up to the distance.  I love that race though.  It was my tenth year running LBL so there was not a question of if I did.  I was no matter what.  Ideally I wanted to train to run hard but time slipped away.  I felt good running but I could feel the shin splint beginning.  So just running was good.  I finished second which was nice and I saw so many people that I love, so it was a perfect day.  Steve Durbin is a dear friend and he does a great job.  Next up is Yamacraw which I have never ran before.  It is a 50k this Saturday.  I think I am just going to use it as a training run because I do not want to taper yet.  I will do my best though.  It will be a new trail for me so I am excited.

Todd ran with me yesterday and it was so much fun.  We went over the Otter Creek course and just explored new areas.  I love this.  When we first met 20 years ago every Sunday run was exploring new areas or houses or anything.  Just exploring.  It keeps life interesting.  It is really nice to see Todd enjoying all this again.  New adventures await.

Yamacraw was Saturday and what a beautiful course!  The shin splint was gone!  I am so happy about that.  After not tapering I felt really good during the whole race.  I ran some with Chloe and met others along the way.  It was so nice to chat.  It was a good boost of confidence to run and not feel tired.  I felt happy and strong the whole way.  I even ran hard the last 11 miles and when I finished I felt I could still go.  So now it is time to up my miles and add a heavy pack.

I am opening a store online to sell my t-shirt designs.  Should be in the next couple of weeks.  I will also have a booth at the mini marathon to sell shirts , so stop by.  Otter Night Run is May 27 .  This is a fun way to practice running at night, running with your pacer, trying your nutrition, learning from others, and just hanging out.

Till next time…  run happy!DCIM100GOPROGOPR0746.JPG



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